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Everything To Know About The Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder

The industrial hydraulic cylinder is a piece of equipment in great demand in industries of the most varied segments. To convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, the industrial hydraulic cylinder is composed of a Sleeve, Rod, Piston, Guide bush, Front head, Rear head, Seals, Tie rods, or Screws depending on the model and Standard or according to the model. Manufactured in stainless steel, the industrial hydraulic cylinder is found in different sizes, which adapts to the needs of each customer.

Recurring Uses Of The Hydraulic Cylinder

Very common in machines such as the backhoe loader, the industrial hydraulic cylinder is also present in industries in the road segment, mining, civil construction, cargo handling, agriculture, and those that require large applications of force.

The Advantages Of Purchasing The Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder

Manufactured following the ISO standard, the industrial hydraulic cylinder provides for a personalized development that meets the technical specificities of each project. Made from high-quality raw material, the industrial hydraulic cylinder has a very long service life, provided that preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out correctly and at the correct time interval.

With a differentiated and efficient sealing system, the industrial hydraulic cylinder is highly robust, ensuring a smooth surface and resistance to the risk of ruts and other types of problems. By providing the force that moves shovels and arms of machines such as the backhoe, the industrial hydraulic cylinder can be manufactured precisely thinking about a type of configuration that increases its force for applications in large industries.

With a perfect parts alignment and surface finish pattern, the industrial hydraulic cylinder thus avoids its internal friction. This feature further contributes to prolonging its useful life, thus preventing the machinery from changing very often.

Hydraulic Cylinder Price

The price can vary a lot when it comes to hydraulic cylinder equipment since there are different cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders are used to create mechanical force in linear motion. Thus, the hydraulic cylinder is a tube covered with a rod protruding from one side.

Attached to the rod, inside the cylinder, is a piston. The piston is responsible for separating the inner side of the rod from the inner side of the cylinder cover. Fluid injected into the system is forced to one side of the cylinder to extend or retract the piston rod. Click here for more info

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