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What are the Best Roles in Life Sciences for Business?

If you have an undergraduate degree in a life science, you may wonder what roles you can do in the business world? We are here to help.

When we think about the life sciences, we automatically think about healthcare. However, landing a dream job in this area doesn’t have to mean that you are working with bodily fluids all day. There are many applications for life science graduates in the business world. Many of these roles allow you to distance yourself from the squeamish parts of the job.

If you have ever wanted to work in life sciences but couldn’t handle the squirming, these are the best roles for you. Consider retraining to apply your science degree to the business world. It could be very lucrative indeed.

Life Science Roles in the Business World

Life science graduates are busy working in every field from manufacturing to civic engineering. Let’s look at some of the best roles on Hays life science jobs UK’s website for inspiration.

Life Science Business Development Manager

A Life Sciences business development manager always works in the life science field. However, they are the ones that drum up new business for your organisation. Say your business was in developing new cancer drugs, for example. The life science business development manager would go out and network, looking for buyers for your drugs. They are a manager, so they do oversee others in similar roles. They work as a team to bring in new business, and they establish connections in the health and life sector which they then use to bolster your business.

Data Managers and Senior Data Managers

When it comes to healthcare, you still need the same business analytics that other industries use. However, these analytics are healthcare based. They might include gathering statistical data on clinical trials, then using that data to help your business create new products. They might collate information related to your products or services in the healthcare industry. They might collect data taken from previous expeditions into space, or the desert, or deep in the ocean. Data managers extract, collate, and present data that shapes the future of projects.

Science and Technology Researchers

Science has a part to play in all areas of production and manufacturing. Even if all you are making is bars of soap, those ingredients still need to be researched, studied for human interactions and reactions, and labelled accordingly. As such, science and technology researchers could potentially shape the products that your company sells. They are the ones who keep you informed about the science behind the product or service you supply. Without them, we wouldn’t be employing proper product safety measures.

Clinical Statistician

If you focus on statistics inside a clinical environment, you can stand to make a lot of money. Statisticians are well paid for providing facts, figures, and percentages, based around products. Clinical statisticians are the people that put the “83% of 675 people agree” messages at the bottom of shampoo commercials. They start life as clinical data managers and specialise from there.

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