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What Is The Best Equipment For Your Bakery?

Thinking of opening your bakery and buying some bakery equipment, here are some best equipment you should know:

Industrial Oven

No wonder this item is at the top of the list, is it? Industrial ovens are essential for baking bread, cakes, snacks, and anything produced in the kitchen in large quantities. You can choose from several options such as convection oven, gas turbo, and spinning titan.

Chamber For Bread

Another essential item. With the climate chamber, you have greater control over the fermentation of the bread, speeding up or slowing down the process before baking them.

Electric Cylinder

The electric rolling cylinder and the trowel are responsible for kneading, rolling, or grinding. Its function is to make bread doughs light and soft without needing a baker’s manual work, optimizing the preparation time.


The kneader – or kneader – has a similar function to the cylinder, mixing and kneading the dough simultaneously, without the need for human assistance.

Dough Mixer

The mixer works automatically and is ideal for constantly stirring creams and doughs, saving your team time free to do other activities.

Food Mixer

The planetary mixer offers high performance, having greater power and speed than traditional models. It is ideal for speeding up the preparation of large amounts of dough.


If you want to offer options other than bread and pasta, bakers can help. The sale of roasted meat and chicken is very common in Brazilian bakeries – a great way to increase profits on weekends.

Bread Mill

This equipment is used to prepare breadcrumbs, which serve as the basis for several recipes, and avoid the waste of bread that was not sold until the end of the day.


Ensure fresh, natural juices at any time by extracting and storing fruit pulp. This way, work is reduced, and the pulps last much longer.

Cold Slicer

Another tool for work optimization. The cold meat slicer is essential for marketing cheeses, hams, and other sausages.


The table with a stainless-steel top ensures that food is handled hygienically, as this material does not increase viruses and bacteria.

Bowling Rack

To attract customers’ attention, it is essential to invest in a vertical display stand for cakes. In addition to being an invitation to passers-by, it also keeps the products refrigerated. schaumburg specialties for example, has options for a different model.

Cash Drawer

Cash drawers are not part of the kitchen, of course, but they are essential for the establishment’s security. Give preference to those that do not require electrical connections, to facilitate installation.

In addition to the items mentioned, don’t forget to ensure basic utensils such as baking sheets, spatulas, and precision scales, for example. On the Schaumburg specialties website, you will find options in commercial refrigeration Perth, scales, and much more!

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