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What Can You Do To Recover An Amazon Suspended Account

With the approaching years, the sellers of Amazon continue to increase. But with that increase, some Amazon accounts fall into the risk of being hit with an Amazon suspended account. For numerous sellers, this is a risk to their reputation and income.

Thus making the whole experience very stressful and bitter. However, if you are one such person who experienced Amazon account suspension, make sure you go through this guide and take a deep breath to get your seller account reinstated.

Quick Tips To Prevent Suspension

·         Put An Annotation To Your Account

Checking the Amazon reports regularly and keeping a close eye on negative feedback reports, imperfect order reports and return reports can help one to avoid the unwanted situation

·         Download The Application To Respond To The Message Quicker

You must pay attention to the listings. As you examine the items carefully, you would be able to choose their category under the correct conditions. Especially if you are selling used items, make sure that you closely check them to ensure that they are in good condition

·         Go Through The Listings

One must avoid the sale of generic products that get labeled as private. If the seller attempts to sell such products, make sure that the customers get to know about the difference that your product makes from other similar products. Specifically speaking about the product description with honesty and accuracy can avoid you to land in any unwanted situation.

·         Close And Archive Any Old Listings

Switching any problematic situation to FBA can let you handle and deal with eCommerce fraud. At this stage, we all know that refunds and returns are part of selling games. So far the buyers have the power of Amazon. Therefore as a seller, it is better to issue that refund or accept the return.

Looking at the totality of the scenario, it would be wise to not let customers damage the feedback rating of the seller. As you issue the refund you can ask for the positive feedback. it would be a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

At the same time, one needs to worry about the purchase of cheap goods from other e-commerce websites and flog on Amazon. It can only increase the number of counterfeit claims. And the Amazon community takes the situation very seriously.

·         Avoid Selling Counterfeit Goods

In simple words, you must avoid the sale of counterfeit goods. It will not watch the risk even if you are approaching a good start and earning a quick buck.

Appeal Against The Suspension

Despite the best effort, if your account gets suspended by Amazon, make it a point to go through a thorough investigation and opt for an Amazon suspension appeal. One must pay close attention to the ASINs by taking into account their previous policy warning. Along with that, one needs to read over the suspension notice with utmost care. It will help to realize the fact that any rules got violated or not. Furthermore, if you require any clarification or information regarding the account suspension you can always consider opening a ticket to get the needed clarification. As Amazon still offers access to support even if your account gets suspended.

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