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Securing Your Home: How To Secure The Windows?

Only the windows on the ground floor deserve to be secured. It is possible to reinforce their resistance with specific glazing. A true burglar-retardant, it is available in several security levels depending on the number of sheets that compose it, its thickness, and the number of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) threads. The standard defines eight performance classes based on tests carried out to analyze the resistance of glass. Level 1 resists throwing an object, and level 2 resists break-in attempts. For the protection of the house, we recommend classes P4 A, P5 A, P6 B, P7 B, or P8 B, which range from minimum protection to very high protection (it all depends on the declared values

This alarm center allows you to secure your home by adapting to possible situations. You must add peripherals such as a smoke detector, a wireless siren, or one or more cameras.

For the occultation of the bays, it is better to use rolling shutters rather than swinging ones. They offer better protection when equipped with an automatic lock that blocks the closure. Even better, the electric shutters with the A2P label offer resistance for 10 minutes in case of a break-in attempt, and they can also detect opening attempts. In this case, they are blocked automatically. By wired or radio control, these shutters can be connected to the central alarm.

Burglary protection requires roller shutters with anti-lifting security, solid shielding, and reinforced guide rails. Smart Home control from forbel for instance increases protection even more: its presence simulation deters burglars. The automatic opening and closing of the shutters and the switching on of the light give the impression of a presence in the house.

How To Simulate A Presence At Low Cost?

During their location, burglars note the occupants’ habits or absence. The idea is to simulate a presence. It is possible to lure them with simple and inexpensive equipment. Place timers on electrical outlets and plug-in lights or a radio. They will trigger daily at the chosen time or randomly in a defined time slot.

Does Home Automation Provide A Plus In Terms Of Security?

Today, home automation such as Axis Communications CCTV Installer for example is part of the essential security panoply of the house. Be careful; a good home automation installation is a matter for specialists, and depending on your requirements, prices can vary greatly. Everything is possible. Security home automation involves centralizing the monitoring and control of all areas of the house:

  • Management of openings with motion sensors, glass breakage detectors, and opening detectors. And now the locks can be biometric with fingerprint sensors.
  • inside the rooms: microphones, cameras, smoke detectors, etc., are judiciously positioned;
  • simulated presence

The idea is to liven up your home while you’re away. And the possibilities offered are very numerous. A scenario corresponding to an absence can include, for example, the management of lighting in different rooms, the control of shutters, the triggering of music, the programmed watering of the garden, and even fake dog barking. The idea is to simulate your presence.

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