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How To Make A Contract For The Purchase And Sale Of Secure Property?

One of the most awaited moments for buyers and sellers is signing the contract for the purchase and sale of a property. But before formalizing the negotiation, some care must be taken; after all, the document must contain rules and still meet the needs of the parties involved.

Detailed information about the situation and value of the property, payment terms, description of tax debts, among others, are essential clauses that must be included in the contract. To help you make a good contract for the purchase and sale of property, we have prepared 6 tips that can help a lot during the preparation of the document, with more security. Check out!

Tips For Drawing Up A Contract To Purchase And Sell Real Estate More Securely.

To make a contract for the purchase and sale of a property, it is necessary to gather documents from the seller, the buyer, and the property itself. This documentation can be obtained from the registry office in the city where the property is located. In the case of a purchase and sale agreement involving bank financing, it is also necessary to enter the data of the creditor bank.

Therefore, counting on our support during the entire purchase or sale process can make all the difference. Our professionals assist in the issuance of all documents necessary to elaborate the contract, verifying the authenticity and legality of all the documentation presented.

Set The Price, Payment Term, And Penalties

Before setting the sale price of your property, it is possible to request an appraisal to find out the value of your property and then define the best price for the sale. Once this is done, it is necessary to describe the form of payment, whether in cash or financing. Information such as the value of the down payment, balance in installments, and several installments, including the date of the first and last payment and the respective amounts, must be evident in the contract.

It is also essential to inform all the account details for the deposit. If the payment is made by check, it is good to put the serial number, issuer, bank, branch, and the values ​​of the money orders. The contract must state whether other assets will be used as part of the payment for the property, such as cars or motorcycles, for example, clearly explaining the amount that will be deducted.

In addition, the contract must provide for what will be done in the event of late payment, whether there will be a fine, monetary correction, or fees.

Another matter that deserves attention is penalties. The contract must specify all the duties of both parties involved and what can happen in the event of non – compliance with any clause, informing which ones can result in contractual termination. Search for more info

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