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Everything To Know About Artificial Intelligence Over Time

The presence of artificial intelligence from structurely has been massively felt for just a few years. However, this topic has been studied for at least six decades. Since ancient times the mechanical man was already presented. In the myth of Hephaestus, artificial beings were regarded as servants of their creator in his bronze palace.

AI was also represented within science fiction long before it became concrete. For example, we have Frankenstein, and work completed 200 years in 2018. The subject began to become real around the 50s when scientists promoted  ​​creating an artificial brain. And in the year 1956, artificial intelligence officially gained a field of study.

Guidelines and researchers were defined at the Dartmouth Conference, held in the United States. Among them were the likes of Hebert Simon and Allen Newell, creators of the first AI laboratory. The first motivation of artificial intelligence was to build systems capable of thinking similarly to humans. New objectives were outlined with the computational evolution and advances in the results obtained through the studies.

In addition to reasoning, it was now interesting that the machine also felt and interacted like us. In this way, what was previously seen only as science fiction, becomes increasingly present in our daily lives.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of ​​computing that aims to apply techniques and algorithms in machines and systems to make them capable of learning, analyzing, and acting similarly to human beings. As the name suggests, this type of technology is intended to be intelligent.

Areas Of AI

This involves logical reasoning, analyzing possibilities, making decisions, sensing elements, and solving problems. It goes even further with forecasting situations and planning through them. In these ways, AI goes beyond an ordinary machine’s tasks.

To better understand the process of learning a system, we can analogy the process suffered by human beings. In the first years of life, we ​​are exposed to situations and taught how to deal with them. Similarly, we have the initial dataset (input data) provided to the AI ​​at the beginning of its execution/training.

As we grow, we go through new situations, and we learn from them, now independently. The same is true with AI. Over time, artificial intelligence from structurely increases its potential and accuracy in its positioning as its database is fed with new situations.

It is clear then the importance of data for the effectiveness of the technology. Terms such as Data Science and process automation are commonly associated with the subject. Throughout this article, you will understand how these technologies are related and how an AI can work.

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