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Digital Marketing For Beginners: What You Need To Know To Adopt This Tactic In Your Business

Learning about Digital Marketing requires a lot of study and time, even more for someone who is starting in the field. That’s why we’ve developed this post with everything you need to know to get started in this wide universe. But first of all, we have to clarify a starting point:

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing done by comrade digital marketing agency for example is a set of online actions that a person or company can perform to generate new business, better relate to their audience and strengthen the brand. Digital Marketing has advantages over traditional offline marketing, such as greater ease of measuring results — which is essential for companies to understand if their strategy is meeting their goals. Although Digital Marketing is relatively new, it has been around for longer.

Its emergence dates back to the 1990s when the internet was still in the Web 1.0 stage. The internet was made up of search engines and websites that did not allow interaction between users. Therefore, they could find what they were looking for, but they could not change or add information to the content.

The first interactions started to happen with the appearance of the first clickable ads in the mid-90s until the 2000s, when Digital Marketing took on a format similar to what we know today, as it was the arrival of Web 2.0.

At that time, communication became more expansive: everyone also became content producers with space and importance that only large companies and media portals had before. This made Digital Marketing active to the point where companies and customers interact. Furthermore, digital media can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Hence, inbound marketing arises, a way to win over your audience without chasing them but making them find you.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Thus, Digital Marketing which can be done by comrade digital marketing agency for instance has grown increasingly and has been applied by many companies from the most diverse segments. A strong reason for this is that people are increasingly connected to the internet, leaving aside other traditional media channels and most companies adopting the digital transformation process. A digital ad that can be viewed anytime and anytime by mobile phone.

What’s more, people can easily communicate with companies through online means. This goes for both the purchase of a product you have just seen and for the service, as many channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp have been used to provide customer service.

The coolest thing is that information about them can be obtained every time a person interacts through a digital channel. This helps the company understand its persona better and make its marketing actions more and more efficient. Thus, campaigns can be created based on data rather than guesswork.

And, as everything on the internet happens very quickly, it is possible and highly recommended that these actions be monitored periodically.

This follow-up should be done at the end of a campaign and during. After all, some actions can be quickly adapted to increase performance and avoid wasting money and time on something that isn’t working.

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