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Care To Increase The Life Of Your Screw Compressor

There are several types of air compressors today. However, three are the main ones, the diagram, piston, and screw. Even though they all play an essential role, the screw compressor has gained more space in the industry. That’s because screw compressors are common in the food, beverage, petrochemical, military, aerospace, and automobile industries.

However, for a compressor to work properly and have its useful life extended, it needs some care. Therefore, in today’s text, we will address some of the necessary care you should have with your screw compressor. Don’t forget to write anything down!

How Does A Screw Compressor Work?

An electric or diesel engine operates the screw compressor. This motor drives a pair of screws that rotate against each other. The compressor has a simple structure with few parts. This helps with equipment maintenance issues. Thus, to drive the engine, the movement of its rotors is necessary. When the rotors come together, they look like a thread, which moves with the rotation and compresses the air. In this way, the operation of the compressor is given by the flow of air and oil. However, for the screw air compressor to work correctly, it needs some care, that we will mention below.

Check The Oil Level Every Day

Before starting use, that is, starting the compressor with Nitrogen Generators, check that the amount of oil in the device is correct. It is not recommended to turn on the equipment if the oil level is too low. In this case, top up the oil and then start the compressor. After use, it is essential to drain the condensate.

Do a detailed analysis every three months

One of the parts that need attention every three months is the straps. Check and adjust them so that your compressor works appropriately. In addition, for the versions that have a dryer, it is essential that you check the condenser so that cleaning is done whenever necessary. The coolers also require cleaning every three months.

Replace Whatever Your Screw Compressor Needs

If all care is taken, the air compressor from Fluid-Aire Dynamics for example can last long. However, some parts need to be replaced after one year of using the equipment. The parts that need your attention are the air and oil filters and the oil separator. It is essential to check and test the thermostat, the safety valve, and the sensors, among other equipment components. This way, you can ensure that your screw compressor works appropriately for many years.

Any compressor requires care for a longer service life. It is no different from the screw compressor. As you can see, if well taken care of, it is efficient for a longer period. For this, you must be aware of the issues mentioned above. If you identify a problem, you must look for qualified professionals to carry out maintenance and exchange parts.

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