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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Natural Gas

The main positive point of using natural gas as a fuel is that it offers more significant savings compared to diesel and gasoline and is slower to use. Along with this, CNG emits at least 20% fewer pollutants than gasoline, which also helps preserve the environment and avoid the accumulation of residues in the injection nozzles, avoiding problems in car or truck parts in the long term. The second point is that with the use of natural gas, the oil tends to last longer because it does not mix with the components of the fuel, increasing its durability and making it stay clean for longer, which guarantees a more extended change interval

Finally, natural gas is also an excellent form of vehicle conservation, especially exhaust, which lasts at least 20% longer than other fuels. Also know How to Invest in Environmental Products: Carbon Credits here.


The big problem with using natural gas as a fuel is that it can end up resulting in vehicle damage to the head structure, causing it to crack in the long run due to the high pressure of the gas, especially if the adaptation has not been made correctly. In addition, natural gas is a fuel that shortens the life of spark plug wires, increasing the frequency of preventive maintenance of vehicles to replace the most frequent parts.

Can Every Vehicle Use Natural Gas?

Although every vehicle can use natural gas as fuel, for this to be possible, the car or truck must be adapted through a conversion carried out by authorized workshops that develop the adaptation minimizing the risk of damage to the vehicle.

Is Natural Gas Always Cheaper?

Although it is, in fact, a cheaper fuel compared to gasoline and diesel, in some places, the price is similar to ethanol, and in some cases, the investment does not pay off compared to the amount spent to change the vehicle to burn natural gas.

Do Vehicles That Use Natural Gas Explode More Easily In Accidents?

As long as the installations of the CNG kit are carried out in compliance with the regulations, there is no risk of explosion or combustion. However, you must keep your vehicle maintenance up to date. Also, note that the installed cylinder is steel and has no loose cables, and perform predictive maintenance on the cylinder every five years.

Is It Necessary To Leave The Tank With Some Liquid Fuel?

Although few know it, it is necessary to keep the vehicle’s tank with a bit of ethanol or gasoline to avoid damage to the electronic injection system and ensure that the fuel system is lubricated, slightly reducing the wear on the valves, which is natural from the use of fuel. Gaseous.

Does Natural Gas Ruin A Car Engine?

While not entirely true, it is not considered a myth. That’s because on natural gas can cause long-term engine problems, mainly because it doesn’t support the expected frequency and doesn’t offer valve cleaning and frequent lubrication.

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